Age-specific Fill-ins

Here are some fun age specific happy birthday messages.

  • You’re not _____ years old, you’re _____ with _____ years of experience.
  • It took _____ years for you to look this good!
  • Happy _____ Birthday for the _____th time.
  • You’re only _____ for a year, so enjoy it while it lasts!
  • _____ is the new _____
  • You’re only _____ once, so enjoy it.
  • You’re not _____ years old, you’re _____ years wise.
  • You’ve cleverly disguised yourself as a mature and responsible _____ year old, but you’re really just a kid at heart.
  • Blowing out _____ candles is good exercise for the lungs.
  • Hope your _____ Birthday is a memorable one.
  • Happy _____ Birthday, this is when the fun begins.
  • You’re too sexy to be _____.

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